GenelLynne Rivera is an Atlanta Native, artist and film lover! GenelLynne lives in the bustling heart of the south with her Cat “Avocado” and her Dog “Isaac”. She has a wild and free spirit, and believes in being intentional with every aspect of her life. The spark of love GenelLynne has for Photography comes from the tangible nature of film.

In her own words:

"Its a process- something I can use to create and capture timeless images that can be kept forever in more than just digital copies.  I love capturing life, in all of its rare, beautiful, and vibrant moments. From the start to the end, wether I’m photographing your portraits, engagement session, wedding day, or any of the other magnificent moments in your life to follow; you will know that each image was taken with care, catching the little things that you love best about your life and those who you are sharing it with. "

Send me a line- I’d love to chat and get to know you!

Still curious to know more about me and my history with photography?

Well, I like strawberries, little cats and big dogs, neutral colors, natural wood, and anything crafted or leather.  I love people, and I love honesty. 

My unique shooting style is Fine Art, a mix of editorial and photo journalism. My ability to direct a photograph  (while still documenting and keeping the emotions true to life) sets me apart from other photographers in the industry today.

I was first drawn to photography at the age of 10, and began shooting weddings at the age of 14. I am in love. At 16 I began to adore fashion and editorial photography.  As I realized my passion, I began to study what makes a good image and looked at how and why certain photographs impact me. I now love working with real people, teaching them how to feel beautiful and comfortable with themselves through posing and directing, and using natural light to tell a story. 

Today, these are my strengths. I am comfortable in my medium (film), and in my own skin. I have vision for my photos, and I can make them come to life through the emotions and beauty that I always see in people.

I work very closely with Indie Film Lab to develop and process all of my film. This team is consistent, professional, and personable. I have loved working with them the past few years, and am looking forward to the years to come. “Why film?” you may ask. I shoot film because I love the craft and art form of photography. The depth and the quality a photo can get with film; the intimacy and rawness is unlike anything I have ever been able to achieve with digital. Its what makes me passionate and why I love taking pictures. The team at Indie Film Lab has the same vision and will help me guarantee that your photos turn out amazing every time.